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Will I Be Able to Tell If My Settlement Offer Is Enough?

Posted on : January 12, 2021

Knowing whether or not a personal injury settlement offer is sufficient is a complex process that requires a lot of consideration. Here are some indicators that a settlement may be acceptable, and where you can go to get the legal help you need to protect your right to compensation after being hurt through no fault of your own. 

You’re No Longer Able to Get Better 

If your treatment is still ongoing, your settlement offer may not be enough to cover the rest of your medical care or any partial or total disability you may suffer after you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. When possible, wait to entertain a settlement offer until you’ve recovered as much as you’re able to. 

The Settlement Includes All of Your Incurred Expenses 

One of the most important parts of a personal injury settlement is compensation for your economic damages, including medical bills, property damage, lost wages from time out of work, and other financial costs directly related to the injury. If your settlement lacks this, it’s almost certainly inadequate. 

It Accounts For the Cost of Ongoing Medical Care 

Your settlement should also account for the expense of future medical care that you may need as a result of your injury. Once you accept a settlement, you agree to hold the defendants harmless for any additional expenses or damages you incur. This makes it critical to ensure that your settlement offer is fair before you sign on the dotted line. 

It Includes Fair Compensation for Pain and Suffering   

The emotional, physical, and mental anguish you endured as a result of the incident that injured you should also be accounted for in your personal injury settlement. How much this is depends on the evidence you bring to the table and if the figure is too low, consider counteroffering by submitting additional evidence that shows how you and your family were significantly impacted by the injury. 

Get the Legal Help You Need to Maximize Your Injury Settlement Today 

Have you or someone you love been hurt in an accident? You may be able to collect financial compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered. Call Southside Injury Law today for assistance at (770) 703-6008 or toll free at (800) 393-8595 to discuss your options for bringing forward a lawsuit for the full and fair restitution you and your loved ones deserve. We’re available now to help you navigate this difficult time.

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