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Consumers make up a large part of the economy, much larger than anyone can comprehend.  In that sense, we deal with any number of products throughout our day, from the moment we wake up to the moment it’s time to turn in.

Strict Safety RegulationsGeorgia Defective Product Attorney

Due to the fact that we do engage with products so readily and regularly, it should come as no surprise that that are strict safety standards in place for products before they come to market. Whether a company creates a product, handles quality assurance or quality control, manufactures a product, distributes or transports a product, each line of product movement has standards that must be followed. If one of these elements is thrown off track, it could mean severe consequences for a consumer. When any product results in sickness, injury, or even death, this is considered a defective product.

Product Liability And Personal Injury

Much like Personal Injury Claims, pursuing Defective Product claims work in a similar manner. You must prove your claim that the product is dangerous and caused injury. There are many complexities to defective product claims and thus, it is critical to work with an experienced Personal Injury lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours and is ready and prepared to fight for you.

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Ronald Chalker and his team will help you determine who you need to file against, what company or companies and walk you through the process of a defective product lawsuit.  Negligent products can be the result of any link in the chain, i.e., design, manufacturing, components, etc.  This requires knowledge and skill that a seasoned Personal Injury law team can provide.

What Is Product Liability?

Companies are held to the standard that they must not sell you a product that can cause you or your family any harm.  Should their product cause you injury or harm, they may be strictly liable for your injuries and you may be entitled to compensation. You will have to prove that their product was indeed directly connected to your injury and that you suffered as a result of using the product.

Types Of Defects In Products

  • Products with a defect in their design
  • Products with a defect in their manufacturing process
  • Products with a defect in their marketing
  • Products with defective distribution

Important deadlines and limitations

Due to the nature of filing a claim, you must begin the process as early as possible to avoid missing deadlines:

  • There is a statute of limitations for filing product liability cases
  • There may be limits to damages
  • You must have a legal basis for filing the claim

Who Can File A Products Liability Lawsuit?

An experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney can assist you from the outset.  You will need vital information collected and reviewed prior to filing. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you.