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What Are Signs of Emergency Room Medical Malpractice?

Posted on : May 23, 2020

When you go to the emergency room, you expect to be taken seriously and treated professionally. It can be quite a shock if you’re not and it may be a sign that you suffered medical neglect. Here are some indicators of emergency room malpractice.

You Waited an Exceedingly Long Time to See a Medical Provider

Hospitals must triage patients according to the severity and urgency of their medical conditions. However, if you waited several hours to be seen despite having an urgent or emergent medical condition, this may be a sign that your doctor or the hospital was negligent in your care.

The Medical Provider Did Not Seem to Take You Seriously

If the doctor who sees you in the emergency room doesn’t listen to you, shrugs off your concerns, or treats you like you are overreacting, this could indicate that they aren’t taking your case seriously. Your doctor should be attentive, thorough, and above all, they should believe you.

The Medical Provider Did Not Order the Appropriate Tests

It is the emergency room doctor’s responsibility to assess your symptoms and order the appropriate tests according to medical protocol and hospital policy. If the wrong tests are ordered — or no tests at all — this may be considered negligent behavior.

You Were Left In Your Room for an Extensive Period

If you were taken back to a room in the emergency department but waited extensively for a nurse to perform an initial intake and then again for diagnostic testing or to see a practitioner, this may be more than just the hospital being busy. Often, practitioners will forget to send orders to the lab for blood testing, or nurses may not tell the attending physician that the patient is ready to be seen in a timely manner.

You Were Discharged Without Being Treated

If you were discharged from the emergency room without treatment, despite your medical condition being one that is treatable, this could be a clear case of malpractice. Even if you have to follow up with a general practitioner, the emergency room has a responsibility to treat your pain, nausea, dehydration, and other acute symptoms.

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