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How Do Car Accidents Affect the Brain?

Posted on : November 28, 2020
Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Brain injuries are a common but often devastating result of a motor vehicle accident. Here’s what happens when the brain suffers an impact during a car crash and what you can do to get the full and fair compensation you deserve after a life changing accident.

Sudden Loss of Consciousness

If the impact of the accident is severe enough, the victim is likely to lose consciousness suddenly and suffer either a concussion or go into a coma. A victim may lose consciousness only for a short while — even just seconds or minutes — or they can do so for a longer period of time — sometimes days, weeks, or even several months.

Internal Swelling

Swelling of the brain that occurs inside the skull is part of the normal human inflammatory response, however, if it extends beyond the space inside the skull, injury can occur. The delicate tissue of the brain will push against the inside of the skull, whose hard surface will put pressure on the brain and over time if swelling isn’t resolved, parts of the brain can begin to die.

Harm to Blood Vessels

As swelling continues, the blood vessels that feed delicate brain tissues are compressed and constricted, reducing or cutting off the supply of oxygenated blood to the brain. As this occurs, portions of the brain can become damaged. In some cases, blood vessels will not heal and cannot be repaired to restore function.

Seizures, Even Without a History of Epilepsy

When the brain has been injured, its electrical impulses tend to go haywire. These irregularities can cause seizures, even if the victim has never been diagnosed with epilepsy or has never had a seizure before. While medication is often successful for these cases, sometimes seizure activity can be chronic after a severe TBI.

Fluid Buildup

After a brain injury, cerebrospinal fluid may have difficulty draining adequately, which results in the buildup of fluid inside the skull. This has the potential to cause even further damage to the brain as additional pressure is placed on it from the failure of fluid to drain. A physician may need to aspirate or remove this fluid manually.

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