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How Can I Prepare for My Car Accident Deposition?

Posted on : November 7, 2019
South Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Preparing To Be Deposed For Your Car Accident Injury

If you bring a car accident lawsuit forward against a negligent or careless driver, you can expect to be required to submit to a deposition. Essentially, a deposition is an interview where the other party’s legal team asks you questions about the accident and your injuries to establish facts of the case. It’s similar to cross-examination in a courtroom, minus the courtroom. Here’s how you can prepare. 

Gather Basic Information 

You’ll be asked to answer questions about yourself, your previous residences, your employment, criminal history, and more. Many of these questions will be easy to answer, like where you live and work now. However, you may need to go back a ways — many attorneys will ask for the previous ten years of residential and employment history. Don’t get caught on the spot trying to remember where you worked a decade ago — instead, do the research ahead of time and keep a shortlist of pertinent basic information. 

Refresh Your Mind on the Details of the Accident 

Naturally, you’ll also be asked about the accident. You’ll need to answer questions about what you remember before the collision, what happened during the collision, and details of the post-accident aftermath. Depositions are often months and sometimes even a year or more after the incident, and many accident victims have difficulty recalling information from so long ago. Not to mention, the shock and injury of a collision can cloud memories or even block them out altogether. 

Ideally, you have notes from right after the accident while the details were still fresh in your mind. If not, get a copy of the police report. Get familiar with what happened again so you can accurately answer questions. 

Put Together (and Go Over) Your Medical Records 

The other party’s legal team will also want to discuss your injuries and medical treatment. If you were severely injured, you may have a rather thick file of medical records. Put them together and go over them to refresh your memory of your healing journey. If you have journal entries of the days after the accident, bring this to your deposition. 

Get Legal Help After a Motor Vehicle Accident In South Metro Atlanta Today 

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