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Dogs have a special relationship with humans, they were the first animal to be domesticated and are a treasuredGeorgia Dog Bite Lawyer addition in many homes, for all intents and purposes, the family dog is considered a family member. Their good nature, companionship, and protective nature are among their best attributes. Dogs have even been used in therapy and there are thousands of support dogs throughout the state of Georgia– but what happens when an improperly trained dog, or a dog with behavioral issues attacks?

A dog bite can be painful, disfiguring and even fatal.

Get Immediate Medical Care

Dog attacks often result is serious injuries, especially to children, that is why it is vital to get immediate medical care. Because a dog bite can easily become infected and precipitate other dangerous illnesses as a result, you must take a dog bite very seriously, even if it does not appear to be a critical wound.

What Next?

You may be entitled to compensation for your injury, pain, and suffering, therefore, it is important that you protect yourself.  An experienced Georgia Dog Bite Injury Attorney can help you navigate the often complicated Dog Bite laws of the state and fight to get you any compensation that may be allowable.

The state of Georgia has commonly been described as “owner-friendly” when it comes to dog bite injuries and often appears to protect the owner of the dog. Because the state requires more than one ground to establish liability, you will want to ensure that you have experienced assistance throughout your claim journey.

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