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Are You A First Responder Who Was Injured At Work?

Posted on : April 16, 2020
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First responders are a critical part of society and are responsible for the saving of thousands of lives. They react quickly during a crisis and take point in emergencies to help coordinate a team response. Unfortunately, this does also mean that first responders have a greater chance of becoming ill or injured in the line of duty. 


Does this come with the job or do employers share in the responsibility of keeping employees safe from identified hazards? If your employer fails, do you have the option to bring forward a claim? Here’s the details you need about first responder injury cases. 

Get Started with a Workers’ Comp Claim 


Workers’ compensation insurance was created to provide employees who were hurt on the job benefits that covered their medical care and lost wages while they were unable to work. To find out if you are eligible, report your injury or illness to your supervisor or employer and file a workers’ comp claim immediately. 

Was Your Employer In Violation of Safety Guidelines? 


You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit if your employer was in violation of safety guidelines or neglected to fulfill their duty of care to protect their staff from hazards. If their carelessness or wanton disregard resulted in your illness or injury, you may have a case for compensation. 

Secure Copies of Applicable Medical Records 


Often, medical records are key evidence in a work-injury case. Be sure to secure multiple copies of your medical history from various providers that treated you for the injury or illness in question. Don’t wait to get the documents — obtain them now and put them away in a safe place. 

Make an Attempt at Settlement Negotiation and Pursue Litigation If Necessary  


The first step for you and your lawyer to take is to attempt to negotiate a fair settlement for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Often, a responsible party will make a settlement offer that is too low. In this case, you can keep negotiating until you are offered a larger settlement or reach a stalemate. Then, you’ll need to litigate your case and allow a judge to decide if the responsible party is indeed responsible and what a fair settlement award would be. 

Injured At Work? Contact Southside Injury Law Now 


If you’re considered first response personnel and have become ill or injured on the job, you may be eligible for financial restitution. Reach out to Southside Injury Law now for more information or to schedule your consultation by calling 1-800-393-8595.

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